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OpenTrade is the best opensource cryptocurrency exchange!

Live version:

Step-by-step install instructions:

  1. Register on the VPS hosting like this
  2. Create "Droplet" Ubuntu 16 x64 / 1GB / 1vCPU / 25 GB SSD
  3. Log in to Droplet over SSH (You will receive a email with IP, username and password) 4
[sudo] apt-get update
[sudo] apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev curl -y
curl -sL -o
[sudo] reboot

nvm install 8.0.0

git clone
cd opentrade

[sudo] npm install 
[sudo] npm install -g forever

Here is an example of the file ~/opentrade/server/modules/private_constants.js Edit with your configs.

'use strict';

exports.recaptcha_priv_key = 'YOUR_GOOGLE_RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY';
exports.password_private_suffix = 'LONG_RANDOM_STRING1';
exports.SSL_KEY = '../ssl_certificates/privkey.pem'; //change to your ssl certificates private key
exports.SSL_CERT = '../ssl_certificates/fullchain.pem'; //change to your ssl certificates fullchain

exports.walletspassphrase = {

After, you can run exchange

cd ~/opentrade/databaseServer
[sudo] forever start main.js
cd  ~/opentrade/server
[sudo] forever start main.js

In your browser address bar, type You will see OpenTrade.

The first registered user will be exchange administrator.

Add trade pairs

For each coin you should create *.conf file This is common example for "some_coin.conf"


Also, you must encrypt your cryptocurrency wallet with this command.

./bitcoind encryptwallet random_long_string_SAME_AS_IN_FILE_private_constants.js

If coin is not supported by encryption (like ZerroCash and it forks) the coin can not be added to OpenTrade.

Add you coin details to OpenTrade

  1. Register on exchange. The first registered user will be exchange administrator.
  2. Go to "Admin Area" -> "Coins" -> "Add coin"
  3. Fill up all fields and click "Confirm"
  4. Fill "Minimal confirmations count" and "Minimal balance" and uncheck and check "Coin visible" button
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Check RPC command for the coin. If it worked then coin was added to the exchange!

All visible coins should be appear in the Wallet. You should create default coin pairs now.

File ~/opentrade/server/constants.js have settings that you can change

exports.NOREPLY_EMAIL = ''; //change no-reply email
exports.SUPPORT_EMAIL = ''; //change to your valid email for support requests
const DOMAIN = 'localhost'; //Change to your domain name

exports.TRADE_MAIN_COIN = "Marycoin"; //change Marycoin to your main coin pair
exports.TRADE_DEFAULT_PAIR = "Litecoin"; //change Litecoin to your default coin pair
exports.share.TRADE_COMISSION = 0.001; //change trade comission percent
exports.share.DUST_VOLUME = 0.000001; //change minimal order volume

exports.recaptcha_pub_key = "6LeX5SQUAAAAAKTieM68Sz4MECO6kJXsSR7_sGP1"; //change to your recaptcha public key

File ~/opentrade/static_pages/chart.html

const PORT_SSL = 40443; //change to your ssl port
const MAIN_COIN = 'Marycoin'; //change Marycoin to your main coin pair same as in constants.js
const DEFAULT_PAIR = 'Litecoin'; //change Litecoin to your default coin pair same as in constants.js
const TRADE_COMISSION = 0.001;

After that, you coins should appear on the main page.

Donate If you find this script is useful then consider donate please

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