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Split tracker / timer with GTK+ frontend
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Urn Urn


This simple split tracker was hacked together by 3snow p7im. It was originally written because there were no exisiting solutions for split tracking with a delayed start available on *nix platforms.

Urn requires libgtk+-3.0, x11 and libjansson.


Initially the window is undecorated. You can toggle window decorations by pressing right Control.

The timer is controlled by key presses:

Key Stopped Started
Spacebar Start Split
Backspace Reset Stop
Delete Cancel -

Cancel will reset the timer and decrement the attempt counter. A run that is reset before the start delay is automatically cancelled. If you forgot to split, or accidentally split twice, you can manually change the current split:

Key Action
Page Up Unsplit
Page Down Skip split

Keybinds can be configured by changing your gsettings.


Currently there is no settings dialog, but you can change the values in wildmouse.urn path with gsettings.

Key Type Description
start-decorated Boolean Start with window decorations
hide-cursor Boolean Hide cursor in window
global-hotkeys Boolean Enables global hotkeys
theme String Default theme name
theme-variant String Default theme variant
keybind-start-split String Start/split keybind
keybind-stop-reset String Stop/Reset keybind
keybind-cancel String Cancel keybind
keybind-unsplit String Unsplit keybind
keybind-skip-split String Skip split keybind
keybind-toggle-decorations String Toggle window decorations keybind

Keybind strings should be parseable by gtk_accelerator_parse.

Color Key

The color of a time or delta has special meaning.

Color Meaning
Dark red Behind splits in PB and losing time
Light red Behind splits in PB and gaining time
Dark green Ahead of splits in PB and gaining time
Light green Ahead of splits in PB and losing time
Blue Best split time in any run
Gold Best segment time in any run

Split Files

  • Stored as well-formed json
  • Must contain one main object
  • All keys are optional
  • Times are strings in HH:MM:SS.mmmmmm format

Main object

Key Value
title Title string at top of window
start_delay Non-negative delay until timer starts
world_record Best known time
splits Array of split objects
theme Window theme
theme_variant Window theme variant
width Window width
height Window height

Split object

Key Value
title Split title
time Split time
best_time Your best split time
best_segment Your best segment time


Create a theme stylesheet and place it in ~/.urn/themes/<name>/<name>.css where name is the name of your theme. You can set the global theme by changing the theme value in gsettings. Theme variants should follow the pattern <name>-<variant>.css. Your splits can apply their own themes by specifying a theme key in the main object.

For a list of supported CSS properties, see GtkCssProvider.


If a split has a title key, its UI element receives a class name derived from its title. Specifically, the title is lowercased and all non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with hyphens, and the result is concatenated with split-title-. For instance, if your split is titled "First split", it can be styled by targeting the CSS class .split-title-first-split.

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