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Adding Custom Themes to [LightPaper] themes

LightPaper comes bundled with some nice styles for both editor and preview such as LightPaper Light, LightPaper Dark, Solarized Dark, Solarized Light etc. Some styles are only avaiable for either editor or preview such as Dracula, GitHub etc.

Styles for your code

LightPaper also supports syntax highlighting for your code out of the box and comes bundled with some great syntax highlighting styles.

	function isLightPaperAwesome() { return true; }

Write your own theme

You can also write your own themes or use already available themes by just dropping them under ~/.lightpaper/Themes directory. You can also put themes under a subdirectory as well as just clone a repo and LightPaper will pick them up without any extra efforts on your side. Files ending in .txt are counted as editor themes while files ending in .css are counted as preview themes.

Here are some of the themes that are already available publicly on GitHub that you can use right away:

  1. [Dashing Theme by @designerJordan] 1
  2. [Theme by hzlzh] 2
  3. [Clearness Dark Plus by Staudi] 3
  4. [Byword Theme by kvanlierop] 4
  5. [Kublai Theme by moizk] 5
  6. [Verona Theme by MSpirek] 6
  7. [Solarized Theme by CodeCatalyst] 7
  8. [Github2 Theme by gcollazo] 8
  9. [Mou Themes by jessemutz] 9
  10. [mou-theme by samrayner] 10
  11. [Swizzle by chrissimpkins] 11
  12. [Snowball by chrissimpkins] 12
  13. [Flatland by Kikobeats] 13
  14. [PrintPretty by a1ee9b] 14

Clone one or all of the above themes under ~/.lightpaper/Themes and you are all set. You can select a theme for the editor and/ or for the preview from the Preferences pane (LightPaper>Preferences… or ⌘,). If two themes share the same name, only one of them will be picked. If you want to write your own theme, we recommend you to use one of the above mentioned themes as a template.

If you want to add a link to your themes or some other themes that you know, ping us at [@lightpaperapp] twitter or fork this document and send us a pull request. Or you can also send us an email: [] email