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passer -- self-hosted sms to tweet

Passer is a proof-of-concept self-hosted SMS to Tweet server.

Security Notice

The Passer microapplication is made for demonstrational purposes only and opens up your Twitter account so that anyone can send tweets from your account as it doesn't authenticate the incoming SMSes. Please use as a reference only and do not try to deploy to production.


From zsh or bash starting in the Passer directory

  1. Setup a Virtualenv in the Passer directory using virtualenv -p python3 env and activate the virtualenv environment using . env/bin/activate then install the dependencies for Passer with pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Create a Twitter application on and extract your Twitter consumer key and and consumer secret from the Keys and Access Tokens tab and export your Twitter API keys to the environment using export PASSER_TWITTER_KEY=<consumer key> and export PASSER_TWITTER_SECRET=<consumer secret>
  3. Log in/create an account on 46elks 46elks and extract your API username and secret from the 46elks dashboard and export your 46elks API keys to the environment using export PASSER_ELKS_KEY=<api username> and export PASSER_ELKS_SECRET=<api secret>
  4. Update the authorized_numbers array in so that you can use your number
  5. Start Passer using python
  6. Go to <url>/authorize to authorize your twitter account and then to <url>/authorize/<key> to finish the authorization
  7. Buy a 46elks virtual number and set it's SMS URL to <url>/incoming_sms

It is also made to be useful with Heroku :)


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