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sbt-microsites is an SBT plugin that facilitates the creation of fancy microsites for your projects, with minimal tweaks.

What is a microsite?

A microsite is an instance of Jekyll, ready to publish a static web page for your new library. Some of the benefits of having these auto-generated web pages are:

  • You can write documentation easily in markdown format.
  • Templates, layouts, styles, and other resources will be able through the plugin at compile time.
  • You don't have to deal with the styling.


To Begin, add the following lines to the project/plugins.sbt file within your project or sbt module where you want to use the sbt-microsites plugin.

addSbtPlugin("com.47deg"  % "sbt-microsites" % "0.7.23")

Finally, to enable the plugin, add this to your build.sbt file:


We recommend taking a look at the Getting Started section at the documentation since there are some prerequisites that are needed to build your microsite.

# Documentation

Microsites comes with a range of options to customize and configure your project's site. Please visit the documentation section for more information.

Kazari plugin (Optional)

If you already have some pre-existing documentation for your project, sbt-microsites also provides a Javascript plugin called Kazari (disabled by default) that decorates your code snippets with functionality that allows users to edit them live and run them in a remote Scala evaluator; making the learning process a whole lot easier.

sbt-microsites in the wild

Many Scala projects use sbt-microsites to display documentation and project notes. If you wish to add your library here please consider a PR to include it in the list below.

Cats Cats Lightweight, modular, and extensible library for functional programming
Tuco Tuco Tuco is a reasonable telnet server for Scala
Atto Atto Everyday parsers.
Typelevel Scala Typelevel Scala Our fork of the Scala compiler
Monocle Monocle Optics library for Scala
scalacheck-toolbox scalacheck-toolbox Generating sensible data with ScalaCheck
Algebird Algebird Algebraic typeclasses and data structures for big data
Scalding Scalding Scala API for Hadoop and Cascading
fetch fetch Simple & Efficient data access for Scala and Scala.js
github4s github4s A GitHub API wrapper written in Scala
hammock hammock A purely functional HTTP client for Scala
cron4s cron4s A CRON expression parser and AST for Scala
freestyle freestyle A cohesive & pragmatic framework of FP centric Scala libraries
libra libra A dimensional analysis library based on dependent types
airframe Airframe A dependency injection library for Scala and Scala.js
Scanamo Scanamo Simpler DynamoDB access for Scala


sbt-microsites is designed and developed by 47 Degrees

Copyright (C) 2016-2018 47 Degrees.