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Jekyll is a blog-aware, site generator written in Ruby. It takes raw text files, runs it through a renderer and produces a publishable static website.

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michaelportal commented Sep 16, 2015

I messaged you on twitter but I think this might be a better avenue (maybe?).

I am currently using and modifying your Hyde theme for Github Pages / Jekyll static sites. One problem that I keep running into is that if the window is too small the nav column on the left will not load properly: in a smaller window the menu navs will get cut off without the option to scroll down on the left (colored)

chaoscommencer commented Apr 24, 2020

It would be great if we could include a favicon in the project and have minima find it and include it.
Would need to be configurable but with a sensible default, maybe something like the following?:


    path: path/to/favicon.[png|svg] # browsers are supporting svgs now
    permalink: ...

It would be pretty simple/straightforward to add that to the

YilianSource commented Mar 27, 2020

My apologies if this is trivial, I tried to find something on this in the documentation somewhere.

Essentially what I want is a way to simplify forwards/backwards navigation between posts by adding something like links labelled "Go to previous" on the top, and "Go to next" on the bottom, taking the reader to the respective previous pages.

I realized I can probably achieve something like this

PaulieScanlon commented Mar 27, 2020

Hey, i was attempting to get started with Staticman but have stumbled at the first hurdle.

The docs: say to add staticmanapp as a collaborator. But when i search for staticmanapp i see;

Could not find a GitHub account matching staticmanapp

There is a user called staticmanlab, is this the correct user?

If so i'm happy to update the docs if you can p

eMous commented Apr 2, 2019

In your head.html page:

  {% if page.mathjax %}
  <script type="text/x-mathjax-config">
    tex2jax: { inlineMath: [["$","$"],["\\(","\\)"]] },
    "HTML-CSS": {
      linebreaks: { automatic: true, width: "container" }

But in index.html, it can not expose an variable which is dynamically decided by the post pages to the

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