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nodebot, firmware in nodejs, a simple project
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Johnny-Five clock

Johnny-Five servo clock

A firmware project using nodejs to implement a servo motor clock

Artwork by Ryan

this project is just for fun, cause i really want to try build something based on node bot, and i think node clock may be a good choice.


  1. build one digit (done!!)
  2. build the whole clock (include four digits)

hardware requirement

  1. Arduino UNO x 1
  2. SG90 servo motor x 7 (per digit)
  3. some peripherals


  1. based on the official github of Johnny-Five to set up the hardware (UNO board, upload Firmata, etc.)
  2. use terminal to start the code
cd Johnny-Five clock/
node strobe.js
  1. start the sr function in REPL (after run the strobe.js script, it will automatically enter the REPL env)
sr() // must run this function; otherwise, it won't work


All contribution is warmly welcome.



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