S4 - Security Library 4 used by 4th A Technologies, LLC.
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S4 is an extensive cross platform library of cryptographic functions that can be called from the C API. It was designed to be portable, such that it can be cross-compiled for different architectures, including OS X, IOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.

Building for OS X

The OS X version of S4 is built using Xcode 7.1. and uses the S4-osx target. This will produce the S4.Framework in the build/osx/Debug or build/osx/Release directory.
Both Xcode tests and Operational tests have been provided. The Operational tests can be built and run using the S4-optest Xcode target.

Building for IOS

The IOS version of S4 is built using Xcode 7.1. and uses the 'S4-ios static' target. This will produce the libS4.a in the build/ios/Debug or build/ios/Release directory. Only the Xcode tests which calls the Operational tests have been provided. The Xcode test Operational tests can be built and run using the S4-ios Test target.

Building for the unix OS (Linux)

The simplest way to build this project is simply to run make host. This will perform a build for the host OS, and should work out-of-the-box on most operating systems, assuming standard C build tools are available.


S4 allows the programmer to make high level C calls without having to have expertise in the low level cryptography algorithms. It presents the interface in a consistant usable structure.

#HASH algorithms

The following Hash Algorithms are supported:

  • MD5
  • SHA-1, 224, 256, 384, 512, 512/256
  • SKEIN-256, 512, 1024

The following Hash API

  • HASH_Init
  • HASH_Free
  • HASH_Update
  • HASH_Final
  • HASH_GetSize
  • HASH_Export
  • HASH_Import

#Message Authentication Code

Both HMAC and SKEIN version of MAC is supported. Across all the appropriate hash algorithms.

  • MAC_Init
  • MAC_Free
  • MAC_Update
  • MAC_Final
  • MAC_HashSize

There is also a MAC_KDF utility function that is helpful for doing key derivation

#Symmetric Cryptography functions

The following ciphers are supported: AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, 2FISH-256

EBC mode calls include

  • ECB_Encrypt
  • ECB_Decrypt

CBC mode is available via:

  • CBC_Init
  • CBC_Free
  • CBC_Encrypt
  • CBC_Decrypt

and a higher level CBC encode/decode with padding

  • CBC_EncryptPAD
  • CBC_DecryptPAD

#Tweekable Block cipher

Threefish is supported in 256, 512 and 1024 bit mode.

  • TBC_Init
  • TBC_Free
  • TBC_SetTweek
  • TBC_Encrypt
  • TBC_Decrypt

#ECC Public Key functions

supported Keysizes are ECC-384 and 414 (Bernstien/Lange Curve41417)

  • ECC_Init
  • ECC_Free
  • ECC_Generate
  • ECC_isPrivate
  • ECC_Export
  • ECC_Export_ANSI_X963
  • ECC_Import_Info
  • ECC_Import
  • ECC_Import_ANSI_X963
  • ECC_CurveName
  • ECC_KeySize
  • ECC_PubKeyHash
  • ECC_SharedSecret
  • ECC_Encrypt
  • ECC_Decrypt
  • ECC_Verify
  • ECC_Sign

Shamir secret Splitting

  • SHARES_Init
  • SHARES_Free
  • SHARES_GetShareInfo
  • SHARES_CombineShareInfo

Generate PGP hash codes

  • PGPWordEncode
  • PGPWordEncode64

#S4 Keys API

S4 also provides a higher level API to take cryptographic keys and convert back and forth from a JSON representation.

Keys are maintained in an internal S4KeyContextRef format and can be created and manipulated using the following API calls.

  • S4Key_NewSymmetric
  • S4Key_NewTBC
  • S4Key_NewShare
  • S4Key_Free
  • S4Key_SetProperty
  • S4Key_GetProperty, SCKeyGetAllocatedProperty

Keys pointed to by the S4KeyContextRef can be converted back and forth to JSON using

  • S4Key_SerializeToPubKey
  • S4Key_SerializeToPassPhrase
  • S4Key_DeserializeKeys

and can be decoded back to original format using

  • S4Key_DecryptFromPassPhrase
  • S4Key_DecryptFromPubKey
  • S4Key_VerifyPassPhrase