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Releases: 51Degrees/Device-Detection


25 Feb 15:03
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  • DATA: Updated the Lite data file for Feb.
  • BUG: Fixed segmentation fault for headers_in structure potentially being null.
  • BUILD: Updated/added pre-compiled modules for Nginx versions.
  • DOC: Updated README instructions for compiling Nginx.


04 Feb 16:45
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Highlights Include:

  • OPTIM: Improved Node.JS auto update functionality
  • BUILD: Node.JS Lite data file packages are now dev dependencies rather than full dependencies. This means that they are not installed in a production environment unless explicitely included.
  • BUG: The case where a single, unterminated, header was passed to the fiftyoneDegreesMatchForHttpHeaders method was not properly handled.


16 Nov 16:10
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Node, Python and Nginx build improvements

  • Updated Lite data file for November.
  • Python – Modified to support Clang and MacOS by removing the compiler argument 'gnu89' from the build script.
  • Python – Updated README to provide in depth explanations for users coming directly from PyPi.
  • NodeJS – Modified examples to require the NPM packages when referencing data file paths.
  • NodeJS – Updated output of running copysource.js so it is clearer.
  • NodeJS – Ensured version below 6 throw an appropriate build error.
  • Nginx - Added option to set the cache key length as a build argument.
  • Nginx – Resolved a segfault error when long values such as those used with JavaScriptHardwareProfile are requested.


20 Aug 14:12
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Multiple varnish version support & minor PHP bug fix

Notes: Varnish tested on versions 4.0.3+ / 4.1.5+ / 5.1.3 / 5.2.0 / 6.0.0

  • FEAT: Included copying source files into the build process.
  • BUILD/BUG: Amended build process to take into consideration the multiple versions of Varnish that were not supported and as a result throwing a segfault when starting the module . Also added additional error logging for when the module fails to start.
  • FEAT: Added functionality to switch the module build based on the Varnish version.
  • BUILD/DOC: Changed data file check to use a warning message as opposed to error. Update README with additional Hash and build instructions.
  • FEAT/DOC/OPTIM: Added Varnish Hash API, added documentation and improved memory allocation
  • BUILD: Included SWIG PHP changes in SWIG generated C files.


24 May 15:36
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In preparation for GDPR a disclaimer has been added as a .md file for consumer reference.
Updated the Lite files for May data.


11 Apr 10:23
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Highlights include:

  • FEAT: Golang API released as stable.
  • DATA: Updated Lite Binary file for April 2018


30 Nov 10:48
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Highlights include:

  • OPTIM: Newer Hash Trie files are written with the length of the string including the null terminator. This means that this does not need to added when allocating memory for a string in indirect mode.
  • FEAT: Added features and tests to Nginx, also fixed some bugs.
  • DATA: Updated the Lite Binary file for November 2017.
  • FEAT: Added Lua module. This is currently in beta, and supports the core functionality. Examples are included as with other modules. See readme for details.
  • FEAT: 51Degrees PHP common API released.


05 Oct 12:14
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Highlights Include:

  • OPTIM: Improved performance when used with SWIG and C++.
  • OPTIM: Improved performance when used in a multi-threaded environment.


14 Sep 12:27
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Highlights Include:

  • FEAT: Implemented new Hash Trie V34 algorithm. See our blog post for details: 51Degrees: More Than Three Times Faster!
  • FEAT: Added Java Hash Trie implementation.
  • BUG: Cache performance impacted if NDEBUG is not defined.
  • BUG: distribute package is depricated and has been replaced by setuptools.
  • FEAT: Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 displayed in GitHub markdown.
  • BUG: User-Agent cache in the shared memory zone lock was not released in the rare case when an identical match had been inserted in the time between getting a match and adding it to the cache.
  • FEAT: 51D_match methods can now be called from http and server blocks.
  • DOC: Instructions to build module for PHP 7 are now clearer.
  • BUG: Nginx now frees a previously allocated dataset if the config is reloaded.
  • BUILD: Added a check for node version when installing.
  • DATA: Updated Lite data files for September 2017.


03 Jul 14:58
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Highlights include:

  • DATA: Data files are now tracked in git lfs.
  • CLEANUP: Trimmed Repo, removed data files, unused methods and imports.

See our blog post for details: 51Degrees Github Repository Housekeeping