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From Google Code: csvlib implements a few advanced features which help make your life easier when working with CSV data in Actionscript.

Here you can find a QuickStart tutorial to use csvlib.

Features of current version

  • Full RFC 4180 conform
  • Multiline recordsets/field values
  • Double and single quote enclosures
  • Enclosed field values and commas
  • Much more of RFC 4180 compatibility conditions
  • Working with individual:
  • field seperator
  • recordset delimiter
  • quote tokens (double/single)
  • A data-model that differentiates between data & header
  • Simple header and data manipulation
  • Sort data by field name or index position
  • Searching for field values
  • Encoding of csv objects content (header & data array) to a csv formated string (ready for send)