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This is where development for happens. Please check the issue list and pull requests before starting work so we can ensure you're not duplicating work! We're all volunteers and want to treat the time you dedicate to the site with respect. Ping @make5calls on twitter with an email to get an invite to our Slack.

Currently this repo contains both frontend and backend development pieces.

Running the app for local development

  • Site front end, written in Javascript, using Choo
  • Application server back end, for data processing, written in Go

To make display changes, you likely won't need to handle the application server, and can instead rely on the production version of 5calls, running at -- more on this below.


5calls requires Node.js and Go version 1.7+. If you are on a Mac you'll need to install XCode and the CLI tools as well.

Front End

Front end requirements must first be installed with:

npm install

Gulp is used to compile front end static assets. If you do not have Gulp installed globally, you can install this with:

npm install -g gulp

Gulp is configured, by default, to watch and recompile front end files when any changes are detected. You can run Gulp in this mode with:


This default command will also spin up an HTTP server for serving the site files on port tcp/8000.

The other main Gulp task is the deploy task, which does not watch for changes, and applies additional transforms on the assets -- such as an uglify transform on Javascript sources.

To turn on/off debug mode, which adds some reset buttons throughout the interface, run the following in your console:

localStorage['org.5calls.debug'] = 'true' // turn on debug mode
localStorage['org.5calls.debug'] = 'false' // turn off debug mode

Application Server

If you'd like to help us work on the backend code as well (written in Go), please reach out to join our Slack!

Unit tests


JavaScript unit tests are written using Mocha and Chai and run in the Karma test runner. You must have the Google Chrome browser installed to run them.

Run the unit tests with:

npm test

If you are working on JavaScript code, you can make the tests automatically re-run whenever you change a relevant file with:

npm run test:watch


Use the makefile in the go folder. You can make deploy to update the go server or make deploy_static to update the site.

When updating the go server, remember to log in, connect to the screen instance (screen -r) and stop the go process before replacing it via the deploy, otherwise you get "text file busy" errors in scp.


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