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Welcome to the 5G-EmPOWER wiki!

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5G-EmPOWER is an open Mobile Network Operating System. Its flexible architecture and the high-level programming APIs allow for fast prototyping of novel services and applications.

The 5G-EmPOWER Mobile Network Operating System consists of the following components:

  • empower-runtime, the Python-based 5G-EmPOWER controller. This allows to program Wi-Fi AP, LTE eNBs, and CPPs by writing network apps using either the REST interface or the Python SDK.
  • empower-lvap-agent, the 5G-EmPOWER Wi-Fi agent. This is an implementation of a Wi-Fi AP supporting the OpenEmpower protocol.
  • empower-lvnf-agent, the 5G-EmPOWER LVNF agent. This allows to implement the Click Packet Processors (CPPs).
  • empower-enb-agent, the 5G-EmPOWER LTE agent library.
  • empower-enb-proto, the OpenEmpower LTE protocol library.
  • empower-srsLTE, a branch of srsLTE with the 5G-EmPOWER eNB agent.
  • empower-lede-packages, the 5G-EmPOWER LVAP agent package for LEDE 17.01.
  • empower-lede, a branch of LEDE 17.01 including some patches and the empower-lede-packages feed.
  • empower-ryu, a branch of the Ryu controller with the 5G-EmPOWER Intent-based Networking Interface.
  • empower-manager, the 5G-EmPOWER Command Line Interface.
  • empower-config, the configuration files for the Wi-Fi WTPs.
  • empower-ctrl-discover, a command line utility for retrieving the control advertisement frames
  • empower-simple-xmlrpc, a demo XML-RPC application using the EmPOWER REST API.

5G-EmPOWER is being developed by the Wireless and Networked Systems (WiN) research unit at CREATE-NET.

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