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Final Features

Final Release validates the integration with the 5GT-VS, 5GT-MTP and the 5GT-MON building blocks of the 5G-TRANSFORMER architecture

Release 2 Features

Extended REST-based NBI offering catalogue and lifecycle management functions:

  • NFV-NS scaling
  • NFV-NS lifecycle management (ID creation, instantiation, operation status, NS info, termination)
  • On-boarding, removal, queries of descriptors/packages stored in catalogues

Extended Service Orchestration supporting:

  • management functions (on-boarding) for descriptors and packages of NFV-NS, Virtual Network Function (VNF), AppD stored in catalogues
  • NFV-NS scaling and extended NFV-NS lifecycle management
  • NFV-NS composition and federation
  • service assurance through NFV-NS auto-scaling leveraging SLA manager
  • automatic translation of NSDs, VNFDs to MANO format

Extended Resource Orchestration functions:

  • placement decisions based on vertical service requirements and abstracted infrastructure information provided by 5GT-MTP, including single Point of Presence (PoP) deployments and multi-PoP deployments through Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • triggering and coordination of resource allocation and release operations triggered by NFV-NS instantiation, termination, auto-scaling
  • interworking with multiple orchestration platforms (OSM and Cloudify)
  • composite NFV-NS resource management (for service composition and federation)

3 Placement Algorithm (PA) engines supported:

  • vertical service requirements addressed also in terms of location or MEC constraints
  • decisions made based on underlying MTP infrastructure information that is dynamically retrieved .

Extended Cloudify Wrapper to provide automation in NFV-NS operations while involving the Cloudify orchestrator for all the 5GT-SO workflows

Extended OSM Wrapper to provide automation in NFV-NS operations while involving the OSM orchestrator for all the 5GT-SO workflows

Fully integrated monitoring platform supporting lifecycle management through configuration of monitoring jobs and service assurance operations through the Service Level Agreement (SLA) manager

Extended Resource Orchestration Execution Entity acting as client to 5GT-MTP also for resource status retrieval operations:

  • collection of resource topological and capacity information
  • requests for allocation and release of networking (also for inter-domain communication) and computing resource operations

Integration with the final 5GT-MTP features:

  • allocation/release of computing and networking resources in both cloud and WAN
  • allocation/release of intra- and inter-domain resources advertisement of resource information (e.g., capacity, topology)

Integration with the final 5GT-VS, supporting the full set of NBI REST API operations for:

  • NFV-NS lifecycle management
  • On-boarding, removal, updates, queries and enabling/disabling of descriptors and packages stored in catalogues

SLA Manager and Monitoring Manager, supporting service assurance and auto-scaling operations on NFV-NSs leveraging the Monitoring Platform

Service composition and federation support for deployment of NFV-NSs in one or multiple domains (involving different 5GT-SOs)

MEC support through:

  • AppD onboarding as part of the integration with the VS
  • extending the placement algorithms for MEC AppDs
  • integration with the MTP on obtaining MEC abstraction and instantiating MEC AppDs

5GT-SO graphical user interface (GUI) to visualize NFV-NSs, placement, database content, NBI, etc.