A reformattable Serial interface to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO---- 1.0.1!
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Serpint is software for controlling the GPIO pins on the Rasperry Pi over a socket or serial port. And to do that over a network in multiple formats.

It can be used to control the GPIO pins from languages that don't already have a GPIO library, but do for sockets or serial, or from programs that expect a serial port, and do that from half a world away.

Serpint is a toolkit for controlling the GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins on a Raspberry PI <raspberrypi.org>. The software is written in python. The main functions of serpint have to do with controlling the pins as if they were a serial/USB device {1}. It can also be used to control the GPIO pins over a network. Another use is reformatting the control of the GPIO pins so that the serial device {1} controlling them emulates a different device [say, a scratchboard (example included).] However, as the source code of serpint is available (it is not a compiled/compilable application) I hope that many other people will make use of/ make new uses for it.

For more, please read doc/main.odt
For demo instructions please read doc/demo.odt

{1} Serpint can emulate any device connecting on a /dev/ttyS port, /dev/ttyUSB is currently untested

Louis Goessling <louis@goessling.com> wrote the code