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Screenshot 应用商店截图制作工具

Project Introduction 项目介绍

If you do not understand what the App is doing, it means you are not a qualified App developer. 如果你看不懂这个App是做什么的,说明你还不是一名合格的App开发人员。

Main technology 主要技术

  • Art sister made a large number of application store screenshots template, and then marked the main title, subtitle, screenshot coordinates, screenshot size, annex coordinates and other parameters. And then these data into json data, in the application to read json, in an object-oriented way to deal with. 美工妹子制作大量应用商店截图模板,然后标注好主标题、副标题、截图坐标、截图尺寸、附件坐标等参数。然后将这些数据整理成json数据,在应用中读取json,以面向对象方式来进行处理。

  • This app is no technical difficulties, some only creative. 这个app没有什么技术难点,有的只有创意。

Development environment 开发环境

XCode8.2.1 + swift3.0 ,如果下载项目后,编译失败,请检查 XCode 版本是否满足。 If the compilation fails after downloading the project, check that the XCode version is met.

Demonstration 演示图

Finished product display 成品展示


Rapid production process 快速制作流程


Stickers are free 贴纸随意DIY


Privacy information Gaussian blur 隐私信息高斯模糊


license 许可

MIT © 六阿哥