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Flow control extension for Selenium IDE
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sideflow - a flow control extension for Selenium IDE

Lets you do goto and while loops in the Selenium IDE Firefox add-on. This is a Selenium IDE compatible port of the flow control extension from


Selenium IDE v1.0.5 +


  • Get Selenium IDE for Firefox from
  • Launch Selenium IDE from Firefox and open the options menu
  • Add the sideflow.js file to the "Selenium Core extensions (user-extensions.js)" field


  • label | mylabel - creates a label called "mylabel" (a goto target)
  • goto | mylabel - goto "mylabel"
  • gotoLabel | mylabel - synonym for goto
  • gotoIf | expression - jump to specified label if expression is true
  • while | expression - loop while expression is true
  • endWhile - indicate the end of a while loop
  • push | value | arrayName - push value onto an array, creating array if necessary



  • Andrey Yegorov - original flow control extension
  • Darren DeRidder - Selenium IDE port


  • See the attached License document.
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