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Cob Spec

Cob Spec is a suite of tests used to validate a web server to ensure it adheres to HTTP specifications. These acceptance tests were created using a testing suite called FitNesse. FitNesse is an application testing suite that allows you to test the business layer of your application.

The test helper code used by FitNess is located in src/main/java. Be aware that the Cob Spec will not regenerate the /public directory between executions and it is therefore possible for this directory to end up in a bad state.

The tests are grouped into sub-suites. You should aim to complete the File Server suite first as this will lay the groundwork for your server's functionality. Your challenge is then to elegantly integrate the further test requirements into your design.


Cob Spec requires Maven and JDK 8 to be installed to run correctly.

Getting Started

To test your server against the Cob Spec suite of tests, follow the instructions below.

git clone
cd cob_spec
mvn clean compile assembly:single

Starting Fitnesse Server

Start the Fitnesse server on port 9090.

java -jar fitnesse.jar -p 9090

Open your browser and go to http://localhost:9090. You should see the Cob Spec website.

Configuring Cob Spec

To run the tests you have to change some variables.

  • Navigate to the HttpTestSuite.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Update the paths for the User-Defined Variables.
    • SERVER_START_COMMAND is the command to start your server.
      • Example: java -jar /User/somebody/project/my_jar.jar
    • PUBLIC_DIR is the path to cob spec public folder.
      • Example: /User/somebody/cob_spec/public/
  • Note that you have to remove the - at the beginning of the line in order for the User-Defined Variables to be recognized.
  • Click Save.

Http Server

Your server jar needs to take two command line arguments.

  • -p which specifies the port to listen on. Default is 5000.
  • -d which specifies the directory to serve files from. Default is the PUBLIC_DIR variable.

Running Tests

  • To run all tests, click the Suite button.
  • To run the file server request tests, first click the File Server Test Suite link, then click the Suite button.
  • To run the dynamic route request tests, first click the Dynamic Routes Test Suite link, then click the Suite button.
  • To run the tests that require threading, first click the Simultaneous Test Suite link, then click the Suite button.
  • To run a test individually, first click on the test link, then click the Test button.


A fitnesse suite for a web server



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