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This is a little bot for adding things to the Cover Art Archive ( from local files or arbitrary URLs. You'll need a username and password from MusicBrainz ( to use it, since that's how edits on the cover art archive happen.

Depends on JSON, LWP::Simple, Getopt::Long, File::Which, Text::Template, and WWW::Mechanize.

Run it using: perl [options] datafile username

"username" is your username on

"datafile" should be a tab-separated data file with the following fields:
Filename or URL
Type(s), separated by a comma (e.g. "Front", "Back,Spine"). Defaults to "Front" if left blank. Use "None" if you really don't want to set a type.
Comment (optional)
Relationship ID ( if you want to delete a relationship (optional)

-n --note: edit note to use; this can be a format string following Text::Template formatting
           available fields:
               mbid: release MBID, from data file
               local: set to 'local' for a local file, 'remote' otherwise
               url: URL or filename, from data file
               x_dim, y_dim: x and y dimensions (only if identify, from imagemagick, is installed)
               identify_output: full output of identify (if imagemagick is installed) 
-m --max: how many (max) pieces to upload in a given run (default: 100)
-t --tmpdir: a temporary directory (default: "/tmp/")
-p --password: password (if not provided, will prompt)
-r --remove-note: edit note to use when removing a relationship
-v --verbose: be chatty (default: not very talkative)
   --use-front: use the front instead of the index to determine cover art presence

Right now it will only upload images if there isn't any cover art already. This may or may not ever get fixed.