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Picture (and video) Gallery written with Python-Flask
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Picture (and video) Gallery written with Python-Flask# pgpy

Picture (and video) Gallery written with Python


pgpy uses the python-flask micro framework as well a lightbox and flowplayer to display the media in an apealing way. pgpy does not require a database. Instead it scans a media directory and its sub directories depending on the requested URL and stores the gathered data in a python dicitonary. This dictionary is then used to populate the site template.

Additionally pgpy generates thumbnails and medium sized copies for all supported images formats and stores them in the "thumbs/" and "web/" subfolder respectively. It also generates download links and html code to to help using the media on another websites like a blog via c*p.

pgpy was modelled on's fuckflickr ( but I onlu used the general concept (simple layout, no database) as inspiration.


python-flask >= 0.8



Modify the configuration in to your needs.

You can add users and generate password hashes by executing


To try pgpy instantly execute


and access pgpg on http://localhost:5000

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