A smart gateway to stop hackers and Malware attacks
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A smart gateway to stop Malware, cyber criminals, and more...


Cyber attacks are on the raise and the cyber criminals are continuously improving their methods and building new tools and Malware with the purpose of breaching your network, spying on you and stealing valuable data. Recently a new business model has become popular among cyber crooks: the use of Ransomware to encrypt your data and ask for a ransom to unlock it. These attacks have extended also to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices since many of them are vulnerable by design and criminals can leverage them to compromise other devices in your network or launch DDoS attacks towards other targets. Traditionally securing a network against such attacks has been an expensive item which could be afforded just by medium to large companies. With Falcongate we're aiming to change this and bring "out of the box" security for free to common people, small businesses and anyone else in need.


Falcongate is an open source smart gateway which can protect your home devices against hackers, Malware like Ransomeware and other threats. It detects and alerts on hacker intrusions on your home network as well as other devices misbehaving and attacking targets within your network or in the Internet.

Currently Falcongate is able to:

  • Block several types of Malware based on our free API Threat Intelligence feed and custom open source blacklists (see detailed list in file intel-sources.md)
  • Block Malware using the Tor network
  • Detect and report potential Malware DNS requests based on VirusTotal reports
  • Detect and report the presence of Malware executables and other components based on VirusTotal reports
  • Detect and report Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) Malware patterns
  • Detect and report on Malware spamming activity
  • Detect and report suspicious port scan and tracerouting activity on your network
  • Report details of all new devices connected to your network
  • Block ads based on open source lists
  • Monitor a custom list of personal or family accounts used in online services for public reports of hacking
  • Encrypt all your home DNS traffic to protect all your devices against DNS spoofing and stop your ISP from spying on your DNS requests (see https://dnscrypt.org/)
  • Discover and report open ports on your home devices
  • Detect and alert on active default vendor accounts in all devices in your home network
    • Protocols currently supported:
      • SSH
      • FTP
      • Telnet
      • RDP
      • SMB
      • VNC

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Getting Started

Falcongate was built on top of other open source software so it has multiple dependencies which must be configured correctly for it to work. The fastest way to get Falcongate up and running is to deploy one of the supported system images from our downloads page.

Supported Platforms

Falcongate has been successfully installed and tested in a number of platforms and devices. You can access the full list here.


Falcongate has a number of software dependencies:

  • Bro IDS
  • Python 2.7
  • Nginx
  • Dnsmasq
  • Exim
  • PHP
  • DNSCrypt
  • NMAP

It depends also on several Python modules (see requirements.txt file for details)

Other dependencies

The devices's malware detection can be enhanced with the utilization of VirusTotal's personal free API

Currently Falcongate uses have i been pwned public API to detect whether credentials and/or other data from personal accounts have been stolen by hackers from third party sites.

Deploying FalconGate

Falcongate Public API

Falcongate uses its own cloud based API engine to support the capabilities of the platform. Currently our API provides access to centrally collected lists of malicious IP addresses and domains used by malware and cyber criminals. All the sources used to collect this information are open source and publicly available. Our API also allows the access to our online malware sandbox which can be used to scan suspicious files downloaded in your network and detect malware attacks.

You can register to get access to our public API here. Once you receive your access key you can configure it in Falcongate's webgui to start receiving the updates.


Currently the Raspberry Pi version 2 and 3 have both only one slow ethernet interface (10/100 Mbit). The traffic forwarding in the gateway it's done using only this interface. This has an impact in networks with fast internet connections (e.g. > 50Mb/s). However it's still good enough for the home networks of many people's and even some small businesses.



Follow us

You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive news on major developments, new features released, etc.


So far we have been running this project with money from our own pockets. We have plans to continue expanding the capabilities of FalconGate but unfortunately many of the things we have in mind will require some additional level of investment. If you like our project or you have found it useful please consider donating some money to support us.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/FalconGate

Bitcoin wallet: 14TdcLb2DYHZmcwqCUWP64v4g1UaTs8yK8

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This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details