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What is DWatcher?

DWatcher is an application for Microsoft Windows PCs you can use to watch for when up to 6 callsigns are reported as being on the air (DSTAR stations appearing in and DX stations (being reported on the DXCluster network). If the program detects one (or more) of the callsigns you are watching for, information about the station (date/time heard, reflector/repeater/frequency, and location) will be displayed on the screen. With a bit of effort, you can configure the system to send you an email or SMS text message when one of the callsigns is reported as on the air. This means you don’t have to sit by the radio constantly to monitor for a friend or a coveted DX station.

The system has been tested on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It requires the dot-NET framework 4.8 or higher (if you don’t have dot-NET, the installer package should automatically download and install it for you) or you can install from here: Note for Geeks: the application was developed using Visual Studio 2022 and uses Windows Forms. Task Factory is used to provide asynchronous screen updating.

DWatcher is unsupported freeware. As I mentioned above, it has been tested to work on various platforms, but if you find a bug, you may report it to me (but I can’t guarantee a fix). If you are not technically skilled, you may find the installation or email/text notification challenging – in which case, please ask an IT-skilled friend for help. I am not able to provide extensive support.

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Program to check DSTAR and DXCluster for up to 6 ham radio callsigns and alert user when detected.




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