Cross-platform file manager, written on Qt.
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To build Andromeda, make sure that Qt is installed on your system.
You can download Qt from
On Linux, you can also install it using package manager.

Also you need to install or build QBS. Source code can be found at
Instructions for building and using QBS are here

To clone Andromeda repository, open terminal and run following commands from
the directory you want to use:
$ git clone
(OR '$ git clone')
$ cd andromeda
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

After cloning, you can build Andromeda:
$ cd .. (one dir up from sources)
$ mkdir andromeda-build
$ cd andromeda-build
$ qbs install -f ../andromeda/andromeda.qbs release

QBS will create directory with the name of you default QBS profile and install
Andromeda to the 'install_root' folder within that directory.