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Building Eclair



Eclair supports deterministic builds for the eclair-core submodule, this is the 'core' of the eclair application and its artifact can be deterministically built achieving byte-to-byte equality for each build. To build the exact same artifacts that we release, you must use the build environment (OS, JDK, maven...) that we specify in our release notes.

To build the project and run the tests, simply run:

mvn install

Other build options

To skip all tests, run:

mvn install -DskipTests

To only build the eclair-node module, run:

mvn install -pl eclair-node -am -DskipTests

To run the tests, run:

mvn test

To run tests for a specific class, run:

mvn test -Dsuites=*<TestClassName>

Build the API documentation


The API doc is generated via slate and hosted on github pages. To make a change and update the doc follow the steps:

  1. git checkout slate-doc
  2. Install your local dependencies for slate, more info here
  3. Edit source/ and save your changes.
  4. Commit all the changes to git, before deploying the repo should be clean.
  5. Push your commit to remote.
  6. Run ./
  7. Wait a few minutes and the doc should be updated at
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