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A vim plugin for loading (git) project specific vim settings
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Vim Independence

This vim plugin allows you to load (git) project specific .vimrc files


I recommend using Vim Pathogen


cd .vim/bundle
git clone git://

Alternatively - simply put the file independence.vim in your plugin folder directly


The plugin is automatic; it will look for and load all .vimrc files found from the git project root to the buffer's folder. When not in a git project, no action is taken.

For example, let's consider that you use the Syntastic plugin, and most of your projects are php. The default standard for syntastic to check code against is the Zend standard - a reasonable default. If all of your projects follow the Zend standard, that's fine. If all of your projects follow a different standard - that's also fine, you can simply define g:syntastic_phpcs_conf in your ~/.vimrc file and the syntastic plugin will take that config.

If you need to follow more than one standard using vim independence that becomes easy:

in ~/somepearproject create ~/somepearproject/.vimrc with the following contents:

let g:syntastic_phpcs_conf = '--standard=Pear`

in ~/somesymfony2project create ~/somesymfony2project/.vimrc with the following contents:

let g:syntastic_phpcs_conf = '--standard=Symfony2`



As you may deduce from the above example, if you modify a global variable in a project-specific .vimrc file - those settings will persist for all subsequent buffers you open.


  • 0.1.0 Intial release

  • 0.2.0 Load all ".vimrc" files from the git project root down to the buffer's folder

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