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A simple but powerful PHP library for distributed computing.
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A simple but powerful PHP library for distributed computing. You can change your foreach loop script to DistComp format and run it by distributed computing.

Using method:


$ReturnValues = DistCompHome($Array, '$key=>$value', $script, '$ReturnValues_inScript', $Vars_inscripts, $np);

A normal foreach loop needs a hash array as keys and values and it will repeat the codes in order. DistComp@home is able to divide the repeat works into several parts and run it simultaneously. In DistComp@home, we still need an array, keys, values, script. Be careful the variables in the script need to be defined as an array. In addition, you can use $np to divide your works into the number of pieces you want.

See complete expamples in /demo. You can compare the difference between demo_no_distComp@home.php and demo_distComp@home.php.

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