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'Support' is free, open-source publishing software to support payments in Bitcoin Cash on a per-post basis. It is a highly customizable publishing system where the client-side view results in an 'updates' page similar to Patreon, WordPress, and a mix of other update posting platforms where each post can have its own (CashAddr) Bitcoin Cash payment address. The system stores post data directly on the server in text files without relying on external SQL or PHP.

View Live Demo:

View Live AKARI updates publishing:

Visit the publisher highlighting website to discover new publishers.

Free Download: Support

Publishing is free, there are zero fees, (and if hosted on github is completely free) and includes with each post a method for visitors or supporters to express appreciation for a post using (direct, peer-to-peer) Bitcoin Cash as well as link to individual posts including mobile and tablet views.

What this enables is a free, decentralized, self-publishing platform where your content or data is something you own and manage and have access to and isn't manipulated with targeted advertising, pay-walls, social API's, and tracking API's that many social networks and publishing platforms are using to profit from your data - and visitors, fans, or readers can support you directly.

Who would use 'Support', why use it?

Support is a publishing or blog-template solution for creators accepting Bitcoin Cash and those who wish to avoid webhosting fees, avoid PHP scripts or database upkeep and keep initial and operating costs low. You can completely customize the look and feel, including colors, profile, header, and several other aspects.

Non-profits, and other Organizations, or people who want an alternative to WordPress, Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, etc, organizations or people who would like to obtain support for posting updates and making progress toward a set of goals or creations directly using Bitcoin Cash would take advantage of this free and open-source tool.

What 'Support' is not:

Support is not meant for selling individual digital files, selling physical products, or in general collecting customer emails for selling products. There is no customer data, no customer emails, and there are no refunds. However, supporters who pay for one of your posts can reach out to you on the links to included social networks like if they really must, and they can bookmark your page. Since it is an html template, you can modify the publishing page to include email signups, enable other forms of payments (if you really must) and so on... but it is not included in this release.

While it takes very basic features or elements of WordPress, Patreon, Facebook, Twitter and puts them together, Support is not a 'service' like other platforms where you can simply register your username and password with the centralized database, add your profile and you're good to go... It does take a little effort to get going: you need to download the files, upload them to your host/github, use the setup tool to customize your page, and use the post tool to make new posts by replacing the post data on your webhost. Alternatively, all the content files can be edited manually, making it highly flexible, but requires knowledge of file management. While we will do our best to inform and teach new users how to best leverage the tool, Support requires a certain understanding of Bitcoin Cash wallets and CashAddr format, and a certain understanding of uploading files to github repository or your own webhost.

Free Download: Support