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Releases: AKSW/OntoWiki

OntoWiki 1.0.0

04 Oct 12:36
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1.0.0 - 2016-10-04


  • Add a help text for the filter module
  • Add option to (not) display default type column
  • Add first draft (incomplete) to provide french
  • SPARQL: add option to export result to CSV
  • Add hide type when using add instance
  • Add json-support for registrationAction
  • Add prependTitleProperty again, remove unused methods and keep a single instance of erfurt
  • Add showHiddenElements to naviagtion config
  • Add hugarian to language selection
  • Add initial ResourceJsonrpcAdapter
  • Add getTitle method to ModelJsonrpcAdapter
  • Add RDF/JSON (Alternate, Talis) content type
  • Add support for attributes in toolbar buttons
  • Add support for docker based devenv
  • Add controller test for resource export action
  • Add an onRegisterUser Event
  • Add an onRegisterUserFailed Event
  • Add test makefile for new composer download


  • Update RDFauthor
  • Use onResolveDomainAliasInput on URL detection
  • TitleHelper improvements: Chunk/Bulk Querying
  • Changing the workflow of the TitleHelper using the ResourcePool
  • Update getValues functionality using the ResourcePool - Scalability Improvement
  • Changing getAllProperties functionality to work with the MemoryModel and ResourcePool
  • Changing debug workflow with blanknodes on gettitles + cleanup
  • Changing debug workflow on addResource
  • Re-enabling inverse show properties in table view but on a scaleable way
  • Change sameTerm Filter into Equals constraint in NavigationController
  • Make new TitleHelper aware of languages
  • Add getResources() call and unify testShownPropertiesAddTitles
  • Set zend version to latest 1.x. Fix #306.
  • Move responsibility for contentType and fileExtension to Erfurt
  • Improve Exception output
  • Update jQuery to 1.9.1 and add jQuery migrate
  • Using composer for dependencies
  • Update jquery-ui to 1.8.22. Fix #337
  • Refactor usage of exit to using return
  • Clean up default.ini/config.ini.dist, disable caches per default
  • Remove trim() to give more meaningfull output
  • Improve FileCommentSniff to also accept older years and to ignore sub repos
  • Increse minimal PHP version to 5.4.0
  • Change sort option to SORT_NUMERIC
  • Modify help menu building process
  • Deactivate ckan, mail and pingback extension
  • Add data route to default config
  • Update Linked Data plugin to use data route
  • Enhance environment for controller unit tests
  • Replace sameterm with equals in navbox
  • Use IN where possible
  • Optimize offset/limit usage & refactor js code a bit
  • Make codesniffer now ignores the FileCommentSniff and make codesniffer_year includes the Sniff
  • Disable front-end cache in config.ini.dist
  • Change the Documentation link from Github to the new Documentation


  • Fix type handling in rdfauthor popover controller
  • Fix #278 Add Property not working properly
  • Complete license and copyright information in doc blocks
  • Additional fixes while firing onRegisterUser and onRegisterUserFailed event
  • added workaround to handle statements with empty object URIs, which are sometimes provided by RDFauthor editor (seems to be related to line 467 in extensions/themes/silverblue/scripts/support.js)
  • Only Uris should be used as links in a List. BugFix
  • Prevent Bugs with wrong initalized class attributes
  • Fix try to get property of non-object, when deleting model
  • Fix pingback takes for ever
  • Fix #286. Also consider colon in OntoWiki_Utils::compactUri method.
  • Fix #258. Forward Erfurt.
  • Fix community tab
  • Fix selectlanguage config for russian
  • Fix comments if creator not set.
  • Fix getting branch name (wasn't language independent)
  • Fix #145. Fix special chars in Linked Data request URIs.
  • Fix testing for extensions
  • Fix handling of protocols forwarded by proxy. Fix #313.
  • Fix typo in Bootstrap comment
  • Fix 319. Expose navigationAddElement in navigation.js
  • Fix setting select clause instead of prologue part and forward Erfurt
  • Fall back if no feed is specified
  • Fix #347. Remove require_once because we are using autoloader now
  • Fix skipped test
  • Fix integration tests to fit new result format
  • #332: Fix "Shift + Alt" key capture issue
  • Fix content-type for resource exports
  • Fix support for JSON content types in Linked Data plugin
  • Fix indentation of mappings array


  • Removing subjects from inverse relations memory model
  • Remove OntoWiki_Controller_Service. Fix #242.
  • Remove useless add-method from ResourceJsonrpcAdapter
  • Remove Vagrant development environment
  • Remove test target in makefile

Release candidate 2 of OntoWiki 1.0.0

26 Sep 09:22
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Release candidate 2 of OntoWiki 1.0.0


03 Jun 11:44
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