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@AKuHAK AKuHAK released this Apr 28, 2018 · 8 commits to master since this release

Fix performance issue with multitap.
Sample rate is 22050 Hz.

  • Turbo buttons have been added to config. RapidFire has been deleted.

  • In-game menu contains sound option instead of LowPass (never used).
    Warning: delete old FCEUltra.cnf, new default button mapping is used.

  • Add default FCEU palette and palettes from libretro.

  • Sound has 4 options: off, 11025Hz, 22050Hz, 44100Hz.

  • VS. UniSystem uses proper palette (default FCEU).

  • Button L3 "Insert Coin" (VS. UniSystem).

  • Fix memory usage when selecting palette.

Fix black line on real PS2.

Add aspect ratio option to in-game menu: Full Screen, Best Fit (4:3 NTSC display). Option isn't saved to config.
Fix screen size (639 -> 640, height - 1 -> height).
Interlacing is on by default.


Add "PAL (Kinopio)".
Replace NES Classic (FBX-FS) with NES Classic (FBX).
Change palettes' names, order.

Aspect Ratio and Palette are saved to config (don't forget "Save FCEUltra.cnf").
Save path is used and applied right after saving config.

Configure Input is in in-game menu.

Sorting filenames by name.
Folder and file icons (from uLE).

Add Autofire Patterns for turbo buttons:

  • 1 on, 1 off (max speed)
  • 1 on, 2 off
  • 1 on, 3 off
  • 1 on, 4 off
  • 1 on, 5 off (min speed)
    Move "4-Players Adaptor" option to "Configure Input".

Add video mode DTV 640x480.
Fix loading screen offsets (Center Screen).

fceu-packed.x.3.x.cdvdsupport.elf - with CD/DVD support.

In-game menu is more convenient.

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