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% A package, that provide a function to generate a nice looking signature
% (c) Arne Küderle
%% This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
%% of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN archives
%% in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt.
\NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e} % required version of Latex
[2015/05/17 v0.01 LaTeX package to create a signature] % Package description
\RequirePackage{kvoptions} % allow key value options
\RequirePackage{graphicx} % for pictures
\RequirePackage{xstring} % for string comparison
\DeclareStringOption[default_signature]{signature} % select which signature-option-file should be used
\DeclareStringOption[\today]{date}[\@date] % select which date should be used as Sign date (not specified: today, specified without value: the \date used in the document)
\DeclareBoolOption{nolocation} % add the option to remove the location
\DeclareBoolOption{nojob} % add the option to remove the job
\DeclareBoolOption{empty} % add the option to remove the actual signature
\def\SigDate{\mysignature@date} % assigns the date based on the option
\input{signatures/\mysignature@signature} % loads the respective settings file
% Removes the location based on the option
\def\SigTopline{\small\SigLocation, \SigDate}
% Removes the job based on the option
\def\SigJobline{\\ \small\SigJob}
% Removes the actual signature based on the option
\SigTopline \\ % create the topline
\vspace*{-0.75cm} % overlap between signature and topline
\hspace*{1cm} % default horizontal positioning of the signature
\begin{minipage}[t][1.1cm]{5cm} % inner minipage
\vskip\SigTransformY % move the signature picture based on the values specified in the settings file
\SigPicture % insert the picture
\vskip-0.3cm % overlap between minipage and rule
\rule{\textwidth}{0.2pt} % create signature rule
\vspace*{-0.7cm} % reduced space between rule and Name
\SigName % insert Name
\SigJobline %insert Job
\makebox[\textwidth]{\dotfill} % create dotted line
%% End of file `mysignature.sty'.