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Bulletin Magazine Mobile App

Made for ETHS by Anthony Ford (ALEEF02)


To install and run the project locally, do the following

  1. Install NodeJS 12.10.0 to your computer

Ensure that you check the box to 'Automatically install the necessary tools'

  1. Install the latest version of Python 2.7 to your computer

Ensure that you check the box to 'add python.exe to Path'

  1. Install the Expo-CLI with the command npm install -g expo-cli
  2. Install the remaining node modules with npm install
  3. Run with npm start

To upload a new article:

  1. Go to using the school account.
  2. Click the blue 'Upload File' button
  3. Select your PDF
  4. Go to using the school account.
  5. Hover over articles and click the "+"
    First Add Child
  6. In the name box, enter the next number of the article (up one from the previous) Name the listing
  7. On that box, click the "+" 4 times to create 4 boxes Add 4 fields
  8. Fill the boxes as shown below Fill in the article details
  9. Click the blue "Add" button
    Your article is now uploaded!