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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ This repository is devoted to share resources among all Formula Student Driverle
- [Datasets](#datasets)
- [AMZ Driverless 2017 Dataset](#amz_driverless_2017)
- [AMZ Vision 2017 Dataset ](#amz_vision_2017)
- [municHMotorsport Formula Student Obhects in Context (FSOCO)](#munichmotosports_fsoco)
- [municHMotorsport Formula Student Objects in Context (FSOCO)](#munichmotorsports_fsoco)
- [Algorithms](#algorithms)
- [MPCC](#mpcc)
- [SERVO](#servo)
@@ -51,8 +51,8 @@ This section is devoted to share data collected in, or related to, Formula Stude
## AMZ Vision 2017 Dataset
- A Vision dataset taken on fluela driverless with all the details can be found in this [link](

<a name="munichmotosports_fsoco"></a>
## municHMotorsport Formula Student Obhects in Context (FSOCO)
<a name="munichmotorsports_fsoco"></a>
## municHMotorsport Formula Student Objects in Context (FSOCO)
- Open-Source Dataset for Objects that need to be recognized during the dynamic disciplines of the Formula Student Driverless competitions, started by municHMotorsports, [link here](

<a name="algorithms"></a>

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