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am e3b0be1: am 6a11569: (-s ours) driver_wext: Add "HANGED" processin…

…g (b/2310372) (DO NOT MERGE)

Merge commit 'e3b0be17a148bd51c38d142baa12947b9990b634' into eclair-mr2-plus-aosp

* commit 'e3b0be17a148bd51c38d142baa12947b9990b634':
  driver_wext: Add "HANGED" processing (b/2310372) (DO NOT MERGE)
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Dmitry Shmidt Android Git Automerger
Dmitry Shmidt authored and Android Git Automerger committed Dec 9, 2009
2 parents 0080c79 + e3b0be1 commit eb773ebf3df3fe8bcfef85849599813781f8ef62
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