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This repository contains tools for using the micro:bit with Dyalog APL on the Raspberry Pi, with focus on MicroPython. Morten Kromberg is blogging about his experiences with this technology on the Dyalog Blog.

##The microbit class The microbit class provides an interface from Dyalog APL to the MicroPython REPL, using serial communications. The interface relies on the MicroPython REPL being up and running on the micro:bit. The easiest way to make this happen is to use the "mu" editor on the Pi to compile and "flash" a trivial Python programme to the micro:bit. The file contains a suitable bit of code which will display a ">>" prompt on the micro:bit display when it is reset (because that looks a bit like the Python >>> prompt). Once this is done, the micro:bit will power up (and can be reset to) a state where you can see the ">>" and the REPL is running.

If you cloned the repository to /home/pi/microbit and have started Dyalog APL, you should be able to execute simple Python commands.

    ]load /home/pi/microbit/microbit    
    mb←⎕NEW microbit ''
    mb.PyREPL '2+2'

You can display morse code using the LEDs on the micro:bit using the Morse example:

    ]load /home/pi/microbit/Morse
    Morse.Init '/home/pi/microbit/MorseCode.txt'
    Morse.Display 'SOS'

A video of this in action is available on YouTube.

More examples to come!


Tools for using the micro:bit with Dyalog APL on the Pi



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