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Kaneda is a Python library that allows to report events and metrics of your applications. It provides a several builtin metrics methods in order to store any amount of data that you want to then analyze it or for performance studies.


First of all, you need to install Kaneda package:

pip install kaneda

Then you need a backend in order to keep data in a persistent storage. The following example it shows how to send metrics with Elasticsearch as a backend:

from kaneda.backends import ElasticsearchBackend
from kaneda import Metrics

backend = ElasticsearchBackend(index_name='myindex', app_name='myapp', host='localhost',
                               port=9200, user='kaneda', password='kaneda')
metrics = Metrics(backend=backend)
metrics.gauge('answer_of_life', 42)


  • Builtin metrics functions and custom metric reports.
  • Configurable reporting backends classes and asynchronous queue classes.
  • Builtin Elasticsearch, MongoDB, InfluxDB and RethinkDB backends.
  • Builtin Celery, RQ and ZMQ asynchronous queue classes.
  • Django support.


Visit the documentation for an in-depth look at Kaneda.