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  • Add the "reduce shaking" feature (using sensor smoothing) to the new-location-based A-Frame components #483
  • Include missing THREEx import in gps-new-camera, to allow use of ES6 modules #484
  • Add latLonToWorld() method to gps-new-camera, for compatibility with gps-projected-camera #485
  • Enable the gpsTimeInterval property in gps-new-camera (this sets the geolocation maximumAge property)
  • Add a distance property to gps-new-entity-place, representing the distance in metres from the GPS position to the entity. This is dynamically updated as the GPS position changes.
  • Enhanced new-location-based examples.


  • Display webcam errors via DOM element rather than alert box in three.js location based #429
  • Bugfix for undefined this.orientationChangeEventName in new A-Frame location based #464
  • Bugfix for undefined this.el and eventName in AR.js fork of three.js DeviceOrientationControls #471
  • Tweaks to location-based three.js example


  • Support for other Barcode Markers #469:
    • AR_MATRIX_CODE_5x5_BCH_22_12_5
    • AR_MATRIX_CODE_5x5_BCH_22_7_7
    • AR_MATRIX_CODE_5x5
    • AR_MATRIX_CODE_6x6
  • New arjs-nft-init-data event to get importan NFT marker data (width, height and dpi) #469;
  • Fix for oriantation on iOS #432
  • Typo fix in an example #431


  • New gh build script to compile libs see #415
  • Restored multimarker examples (learner and player) see #419
  • New A-Frame location based code see #406


  • Fixed bug in aframe image tracking see #407
  • Enhanced three location based code #409 #410
  • Removed double build in Three.js (nft or not) #407
  • Added prettier as formatter and husky as pre-formatter #407
  • New action github script to test linting and code formatting #407


  • ES6 feature into master
  • New threejs location based
  • New dispose methods in arjs-context.js and arjs-source.js
  • Use of artoolkit5-js instead of old jsartoolkit5 as base code
  • Other bug fixes see PR #400


  • Fixed bug which prevents minDistance and maxDistance working with a simulated location

  • Fixed typo in name of gps-entity-place-update-position event


  • Fixed bug in arjs-webcam-texture component which caused the webcam stream to freeze on iOS. Thanks to @stevenlybeck for this.

  • CORS proxy removed from examples

  • Added custom found/lost events to markerControls for three.js core (thanks to @fcor)

  • Deactivated GPS listener when AR.js app not in the foreground (thanks to @NVFedorov for raising this issue)

  • update license wording (thanks to @chingucoding)


  • Fix minor location-based bugs


  • Fix shaking of far/near entities on location-based using new configurable properties (thanks to @nickw1)


  • show camera error alert after dispatching camera-error event


  • support arbitrarily distant places on location-based (thanks to @nickw1, see PR #119)
  • minor bug fixes


  • added new, alternative version for location-based using a projected camera based on Spherical Mercator. For this purpose we introduce two new aframe components: gps-projected-camera and gps-projected-entity-place (thanks to @nickw1)
  • added video stop on marker being lost (nft-video example)
  • fixed rotation bug on X axis see issue #59, restored shift position on y instead of z
  • removed links to old repository in the examples
  • added maxDistance property on location-based
  • new arjs-nft-loaded event listener for NFT markers, dispatched when all NFT markers are loaded see PR #98 and issue #97


  • update documentation using latest aframe version on every example


  • fixed minDistance property updating on location based
  • enhanced Image tracking examples


  • fix minor Readme paths/typos


  • cleaned location based examples
  • removed gps-camera-debug component
  • enhanced Custom Events payloads


  • Fixed some path issues to make NFT work with remote sites
  • Updated for new structure


  • Added Image Tracking (NFT) support
  • New structure: 2 alternative versions (A-Frame/Three.js image tracking+location based, A-Frame/Three.js markers+location based)
  • Added a Web Worker for Image Tracking performances (as Blob object to be used cross-domain)
  • New examples structure, divided by features
  • Added examples for Image Tracking
  • Removed minified versions
  • Removed UglifyJS dependency
  • ES6 support
  • Move to new organization
  • Move to new repository
  • Change package.json info
  • Cleaned code from some examples/experiments
  • Removed obsolete code of Aruco markers and Google Tango
  • Reduced repository size by ~36%


  • Restored old camera constraints, was giving better performances for some devices but worst for others.


  • it's now possible to track markers with white background and black shapes, using labelingMode: white_region; property on arjs component (thanks to @umutto)
  • in location based is now possible to simulate altitude, longitude and latitude for user position (thanks to @cmcfadden)
  • default package script for jsdelvr (thanks to @benalfree)


  • handle y position (height) of content in Location Based, using position property of A-FRAME


  • enhanced distance property, now calculating combined distance for latitude/longitude


  • set distance in distance property of gps-entity-place (location based) as z axis (previously was x axis)


  • added distance and distanceMsg properties to gps-entity-place (location based)
  • added new example for distance property
  • added new example for a gps-entity-place that is always facing the user (location based)
  • fixed error when source is image or video and not camera
  • enhanced docs


  • fixed wrong positioning of content on markers


  • fixed a bug that causes Overconstrained Error on desktop
  • cleaned repo (removed data like videos and heavy files)


  • Removed support for Google Tango (obsolete and no more supported by Google)
  • Removed support for Aruco markers
  • Fixed loader bug on location based examples
  • Merged PR jeromeetienne/AR.js#673 and jeromeetienne/AR.js#666
  • Fixed documentation
  • Cleaned repo, preparing for next release


  • Fixed bug on location-based while added places via HTML
  • Added example of location-based using only HTML
  • Added loader during the time between gps-camera initialization and gps-entity-place add


  • Fixed a bug on location-based statically add of places via script


  • Fixed motion and orientation sensors permission for iOS 13+ devices


  • Fixed location-based files build
  • Removed unuseful imports on location-based examples


  • Introduced Location Based Augmented Reality adding new aframe custom components (gps-entity-place, gps-camera, gps-camera-debug)
  • Added new and updated documentation
  • Added examples for Location Based AR
  • Reduced repository size deleting unuseful code


(Release drafted for problems with the release flow. No change from previous version)


  • added event when camera video stream has been appended to the DOM tree (arjs-video-loaded)


  • added events for camera initialization success/error (camera-init, camera-error)
  • enhanced Debug UI style
  • minor documentation fixes


  • updated three.js dependency to r103 version
  • minor documentation fixes
  • replace all rawgit URLs (learn more at


  • added possibility to change border marker color in marker generator


  • optionally manage smooth parameter (for video entity glitches and similar problems)
  • generate .patt files keeping uploaded image name
  • enhanced marker generator
  • reduce build size


  • added a npm run build script for travis


  • Adds TravisCI config with NPM deployment configured - thanks @joestrong - #344



  • aframe-ar.js - <a-marker> elements will emit markerFound and markerLost events - thanks @nikolaymihaylov! Pull Request #303


  • Created an example that demonstrates emitting events when markers are found and lost, and registering the respective event listeners.



  • Fix cross domain issue with
  • reduced npm package size from 250mbyte to 3.5mbyte #256 (thanks @paztis)
  • fixed perspective in artoolkit portrait #212 (thanks @pikilipita)
  • fixed barcode in a-frame #260 (thanks @basbase)
  • created portableAR.js - a simple way to port ar.js to a non-three.js framework
    • it is in /three.js/contribs/portableAR.js
    • in examples/ you can find babylon.js using portableAR.js
  • made webvr-polyfill obsolete
    • it was more a toy than something currently useful
    • it was far from complete, not even in a workable state, anyway
  • reorganized examples/ folder
    • created demos/ to contain working demos
    • created experiments/ to contain work in progress


  • Made tests to report failure - yeah i know it is silly but before it reported
  • Added test to measure performance : fps
  • Added test for markers-area learning and usage
  • Added test for artoolkit, aruco and hit-testing



  • aframe-ar.js - added link into
  • aframe-ar.js - change debugUIEnabled default from false to true.
  • FIX: in aframe-ar.js object3d stayed visible when marker goes out of screen


  • AR.js now work with babylon.js source
  • It is early but it is working!


  • drafting a demo for - tweet - source
  • Magic door bridging AR and VR tweet
    • nice reuseable components available
  • made demos to celebrate firefox 55 - post - source
  • made demo for mapbox - tweet - source
  • vr-camera-controls - or how to walk in VR with AR.js - tweet


  • support for markers-area
    • Efficient user friendly area scanning
    • More Versatile than single marker tracking 0 larger areas than single markers
    • More Robust than single marker tracking - even if only one sub marker is visible it is still tracking
    • More Stable than single marker tracking - position is averaged based on visible markers
  • Support for multiple tracking
  • single api for all tracking
  • tango support
  • support for aruco WIP - all included but need to fix pose estimation


Totally incomplete

  • added smoothedControls - everything tunable via parameters
    • it applies LERP for position/quaternion/scale on sub-controls
    • if display controls object3d when sub-controls has been visible for minVisibleDelay
    • if display controls object3d when sub-controls has been unvisible for minUnvisibleDelay
  • did THREEx.ArMarkerHelper to help visualize marker
  • AR-Code generator - see AR-Code Generator
  • liquid markers are in! water tweet - boing tweet
  • marker invisible cloak are in! with tweening and all :) first tweet - video tweet
  • minimal.html just got a little bit cleaner
    • aka the simplest way to do AR on the web
    • or webar in less than 10 lines of html! on codepen
  • finished hole-in-the-wall demo - duck on my desk tweet
  • support preset in a-frame a-marker - preset = ["hiro" | "kanji"]
  • experiementation in dead-reckoning ... not conclusive
  • early work about videoInWebgl - a important componant of phone-in-hmd usecase first tweet
  • better handling of .baseUrl in aframe default parameters
  • fixed artoolkit projection matrix to be more webgl - projection matrix
    • it was looking to positive-z and y was upside down compared to the usual webgl one
  • Change marker axis - now positive-y is normal to the marker
  • Added logo by @tentone - AR.js logo Nice and slick! thanks @tentone
  • Added a-frame logo in AR - aframe-logo.html
  • added a profile discovery. It helps choose the performance tradeoff which fit your case - profile

1.0.0 - AR.js has landed

  • Fixed the resize issue in a-frame!
  • Performance improvement of image copy time by 40%!!!
    • massive improvement in the pose detection time
    • so maxDetectionRate can go way up
  • Improved documentations

0.9.0 - Initial Release

I worked a lot on WebAR. But i recently reached 60fps on mobile phones. so i think WebAR is now ready to be released :)

I will keep the usual branch model

  • stable release on master branch
  • current release on dev branch
  • features in progress on their own branch