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Windows 10 KMS Activator by AR_Alex Official Source
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Windows 10 KMS Activator By AR_Alex Official Source (Educational Purposes Only) This is Version 3.3 updated on 08/27/2018


  1. A computer with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Server 2016
  2. A x86 or x64 bit processor
  3. Administrator privileges on the computer
  4. Patience and reading everything carefully

Credits: -MDL Developers for the KMS emulator & help -cynecx for the SECO Injector -CODYQX4 for the open sourced KMS emulator -Nsane members for the help and support of this project -Wzor for his leaks -Microsoft for the development of Windows and the "failures" to fix their activation system.

Warning: I am not responsible for any damages made to your computer to an extent. Meaning that if I can fix it by releasing an update and reversing changes to your computer I will, if not you are on your own. You just need to contact me first.

Note: -Bugs will be continously fixed and updates will be pushed. -This program works offline and online.

Changelog: 3.3: -Added digital license activation (HWID) - Thanks to @s1ave77

Updates: Updates to this program and all of my projects will be posted online at: -There will be everything in there from phone activation keys to unreleased beta software. -Everything will be available to the public from now on... -Talk to me if you want the full source code for this program in other words "stop stealing code" -This program will first check this webisite for updates. It will then ask you to update if it finds one.

Products Supported: -All versions are technically supported -Contact me if you need to activate more editions of windows or office. -Contact me right away if you see an incompatible version.

Contact AR_Alex: -Contact me for suggestions, issues, errors etc. -I also talk spanish for all of you that don't know english. (Espanol) -If you want to contact me about an error please include a screenshot, the version of windows or office you are using, and computer specs.

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