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1. Installation

Table of contents

  1. Installation and Setup
  2. Configuration
  3. Usage

Version Compatibility

Laravel Sitemap Laravel
Laravel Sitemap v1.0.x Laravel v5.4
Laravel Sitemap v1.1.x Laravel v5.5
Laravel Sitemap v1.2.x Laravel v5.6
Laravel Sitemap v1.3.x Laravel v5.7
Laravel Sitemap v1.4.x Laravel v5.8
Laravel Sitemap v2.x Laravel v6.x


You can install this package via Composer by running this command:

composer require arcanedev/laravel-sitemap



NOTE : The package will automatically register itself if you're using Laravel >= v5.5, so you can skip this section.

Once the package is installed, you can register the service provider in config/app.php in the providers array:

'providers' => [

Artisan commands

To publish the config/lang/view files, run this command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Arcanedev\LaravelSitemap\LaravelSitemapServiceProvider"
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