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How to Contribute

We are so happy to see you reading this page!

Our team wholeheartedly welcomes the community to contribute to robosuite. Contributions from members of the community will help ensure the long-term success of this project. Before you plan to make contributions, here are important resources to get started with:

We encourage the community to make four major types of contributions:

  • Bug fixes: Address open issues and fix bugs presented in the master branch
  • Environment designs: Design new environments and add them to our existing set of environments
  • Additional assets: Incorporate new models and functionalities of robots, grippers, objects, and workspaces
  • New functionalities: Implement new features, such as dynamics randomization, rendering tools, new controllers, etc.


Before submitting your contributions, make sure that the changes do not break existing functionalities. We have a handful of tests for verifying the correctness of the code. You can run all the tests with the following command in the root folder of robosuite. Make sure that it does not throw any error before you proceed to the next step.

$ python -m pytest


Please read the coding conventions below and make sure that your code is consistent with ours. We use the black and isort as the pre-commit hooks to format the source code before code review. To install these hooks, first pip install pre-commit; pre-commit install to set them up. Once set up, these hooks should be automatically triggered when committing new changes. If you want to manually check the format of the codes that have already been committed, please run pre-commit run --all-files in the project folder.

When making a contribution, make a pull request to robosuite with an itemized list of what you have done. When you submit a pull request, it is immensely helpful to include example script(s) that showcase the proposed changes and highlight any new APIs. We always love to see more test coverage. When it is appropriate, add a new test to the tests folder for checking the correctness of your code.

Coding Conventions

In addition to the pre-commit hooks, we value readability and adhere to the following coding conventions:

  • Indent using four spaces (soft tabs)
  • Always put spaces after list items and method parameters (e.g., [1, 2, 3] rather than [1,2,3]), and around operators and hash arrows (e.g., x += 1 rather than x+=1)
  • Use the Google Python Style for the docstrings
  • For scripts such as in demos and tests, include a docstring at the top of the file that describes the high-level purpose of the script and/or instructions on how to use the scripts (if relevant).

We look forward to your contributions. Thanks!

The robosuite core team