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This is a set of core libraries developed and maintained by Ark as a set of helper or extensions of the libraries Ark choose to use in their LOB applications.

Getting Started

All libraries are provided in NuGet.

Support for .NET Framework 4.7.1,.NET Standard 2.x, .NET 5.0. Support for other frameworks is up-for-grabs ;)

Quick Start

The main library used by Ark in its stack are

If you want to learn more about each project, look the respective Readme when present or directly at code. Documentation improvements are up-for-grabs ;)

Migrate from v2 to v3

  • BREAKING: Microsoft.AspNetCore v5
    • change netcoreapp3.1 to net5.0 on all projects referencing Ark.Tools.AspNetCore.* projects
  • BREAKING: from System.Data.SqlClient to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient
    • remove any Nuget reference to System.Data.SqlClient and replace, where needed, with Microsoft.Data.SqlClient
  • BREAKING: upgraded to Flurl v3
    • most usages should be fine, but those that expected Flurl method to return a HttpMessageResponse, as not returns IFlurlResponse Disposable!
  • BREAKING: change to AspNetCore base Startup on RegisterContainer()
    • RegisterContainer() no longer takes IApplicationBuilder parameter but a IServiceProvider as the Container registration has been moved during ConfigureServices()
    • this affects mostly those cases where IServiceProvider was used to check for Tests overrides of mocked services
    • Use IHostEnvironment or services.HasService if possible instead of relying on IServiceProvider
  • BREAKING: change to AspNetCore Startups. Now defaults to System.Text.Json instead of Newtonsoft.Json.
    • Use the parameter useNewtonsoftJson: true of base ctor to keep old behaviour
    • Migrate from the Ark.Tools.SystemTextJson.JsonPolymorphicConverter instead of Ark.Tools.NewtonsoftJson.JsonPolymorphicConverter


Feel free to send PRs or to raise issues if you spot them. We try our best to improve our libraries. Please avoid adding more dependencies to 3rd party libraries.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

Licence Claims

A part of this code is taken from StackOverflow or blogs or example. Where possible we included reference to original links but if you spot some missing Acknolegment please open an Issue right away.