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bl1 TF-A: Add support for ARMv8.3-PAuth in BL1 SMC calls and BL2U Oct 3, 2019
bl2 Refactor ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication support code Sep 13, 2019
bl2u TF-A: Add support for ARMv8.3-PAuth in BL1 SMC calls and BL2U Oct 3, 2019
bl31 Neoverse N1 Errata Workaround 1542419 Oct 4, 2019
bl32 AArch32: Disable Secure Cycle Counter Sep 26, 2019
common FDT helper functions: Respect architecture in PSCI function IDs Sep 25, 2019
docs doc: Add guide for building the docs locally Oct 9, 2019
drivers gpio: stm32_gpio: do not mix error code types Oct 3, 2019
fdts fdts: stm32mp1: move FDCAN to PLL4_R Oct 3, 2019
include delay: correct timeout_init_us() Oct 8, 2019
lib Merge "Neoverse N1 Errata Workaround 1542419" into integration Oct 7, 2019
make_helpers Fix the CAS spinlock implementation Oct 4, 2019
services Merge changes from topic "jc/coverity-fixes" into integration Aug 13, 2019
.checkpatch.conf Re-apply GIT_COMMIT_ID check for checkpatch Jul 12, 2019
.editorconfig Add python configuration for editorconfig Sep 10, 2019
.gitignore meson: Rename platform directory to amlogic Sep 5, 2019
Makefile Fix the CAS spinlock implementation Oct 4, 2019
dco.txt Drop requirement for CLA in Sep 27, 2016
license.rst doc: De-duplicate readme and license files Oct 8, 2019
readme.rst doc: Formatting fixes for readme.rst Oct 9, 2019


Trusted Firmware-A

Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) is a reference implementation of secure world software for Arm A-Profile architectures (Armv8-A and Armv7-A), including an Exception Level 3 (EL3) Secure Monitor. It provides a suitable starting point for productization of secure world boot and runtime firmware, in either the AArch32 or AArch64 execution states.

TF-A implements Arm interface standards, including:

The code is designed to be portable and reusable across hardware platforms and software models that are based on the Armv8-A and Armv7-A architectures.

In collaboration with interested parties, we will continue to enhance TF-A with reference implementations of Arm standards to benefit developers working with Armv7-A and Armv8-A TrustZone technology.

Users are encouraged to do their own security validation, including penetration testing, on any secure world code derived from TF-A.

More Info and Documentation

To find out more about Trusted Firmware-A, please view the full documentation that is available through

Copyright (c) 2013-2019, Arm Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.

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