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  • how to start a repo from scratch?
    • git init local method
    • on GitHub git clone and either git push --force or git pull methods
  • how to undo mistakes?
    • git revert vs. …
    • git reset vs. …
    • git reset --hardvs. …
    • git restore (experimental command!)
  • rebase:
    • reparenting (Changing the parent (starting) commit upon which a series of commits is built)
    • history modification (fixing or deleting broken commits or changing the order in which commits are applied)
  • rebase vs. merge
  • how to go to a specific point in history?
    • git checkout SHADETACHED HEAD problem
    • interaction with branches
  • git gui: building commits along the way interactively (for the mess around type of workflows)

The Open Source model

  • remotes: pull, push, fetch, merge
  • GitHub: forks, branches and PRs
  • strategies for keeping your fork up-to-date: rebase or merge
  • talking about PRs: what about CI? Some concepts
  • a more thorough and deailed explanation can be found on the Numpy Contributor's Guide. This guide can be adapted to your own needs, see gitwash.
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