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ASRC Atmospheric Chemistry Data Processing

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The atmoschem.process R package processes atmospheric chemistry data from ASRC sites in New York State. It provides tools to generate reports and processed datasets from the ASRC’s atmospheric chemistry data, and tools to visualize the data.

Table of contents


The atmospheric chemistry group at the ASRC, run by Dr. Jim Schwab, collects data from instruments at 4 sites across the state of New York: Whiteface Mountain (summit and base), Pinnacle State Park, and Queens College. We maintain a variety of instruments measuring ozone and ozone precursors, airborne particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and meteorology.

The data undergoes a variety of adjustments and quality assurance checks before being released to the public, where it is used by government agencies and atmospheric science researchers, among others. Users can access the datasets online via our website at

This software, which generates the processed datasets, synthesizes advice from atmospheric monitoring, statistical programming, and data management. In terms of data processing, we tend to follow guidelines from NARSTO (Christensen et al. 2000), and we also work regularly with EPA standards. The code is organized as an R package (Marwick, Boettiger, and Mullen 2018), and we use GitHub for project management (Bryan 2018). For data management, we tend to follow Briney (2015), and we try to make the data convenient to use (White et al. 2013).

The data collection at Whiteface Mountain is described in detail in a series of publications (Schwab, Wolfe, et al. 2016; Brandt et al. 2016; Schwab, Casson, et al. 2016), and another paper describes the measurements at Pinnacle State Park (Schwab, Spicer, and Demerjian 2009).


To install the package, run (from within R)


To generate the processed dataset, additional dependencies are requried:

remotes::install_github('ASRCsoft/atmoschem.process', dependencies = TRUE)

Reproducing the routine chemistry dataset


  • R and R package dependencies
  • GNU Make
  • 15GB of disk space and 8GB of RAM
  • An Air Quality System API key (get one here)
  • A user/password for the ASRC’s atmoschem server (sign up here)

Creating the dataset

Download or clone the repository. The dataset package can be generated by running, from a terminal,

cd /path/to/atmoschem.process
make routine asrc_user=youruser asrc_pass=yourpassword aqs_email=youremail aqs_key=yourkey

(replacing the values with your information).

Run make help to see more make options.

Viewing the data

The R package comes with a Shiny app for viewing the processing steps. After data has been processed, it can be launched with make:

make view


Please cite this package using the citation available from Zenodo: DOI


atmoschem.process is released under the open source MIT license.


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