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Grooveshark RGB 5050 LED strip controller using arduino and node.js
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GrooveLights is an RGB 5050 LED strip controller using arduino and node.js. This project was started to turn my back porch lighting into a music-controlled lightshow for a Halloween party. This project is based largely on two other projects, the Adafruit RGB LED Strip controller guide, and Noduino (see Sources).


The following are required to use this:


  • Arduino (Leonardo used, but Uno should also work, and any other with proper pin changes)
  • 12V Power Supply
  • RGB LED 5050 strip
  • 3x IRF510 mosfets (or equivalent 18V or higher w/ greater than 2 Amps rating MOSFET)
  • 3x ~220ohm Resistors
  • Computer(s) (2 computers can be used to stream light values over wifi if you want)


  • Linux (Only necessary for Arduino controller, should work with any OS with minor tweaks to serial port value in code)
  • Node.js (v0.10.15)
    • serialport (1.2.2)
  • Web browser
  • Arduino (1.0.3 or higher)


  • Grooveshark Plus or Anywhere account (sorry, I don't know how to access the frequency analyzer without the Visualizer)


SEE: pins 3, 5, and 6 are used to control FETs, which switch negative on/off. Vin pin from arduino is at 12v, used on white/black (they differ on each LED strip model) +12v pin. Schematic



Install dependencies

clone repo

open grooveshark, pick songs, open visualizer (you want the 3rd one down with the 7 bars)

nodejs lights.js in shell

run bookmarklet or run JS code in web JS console

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