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  1. genometools Public

    GenomeTools is a collection of algorithms to manipulate genomics related file format. The primary purpose is to convert file formats from one to another.

    Java 5 1

  2. atk Public

    Abeel Toolkit is set of utility classes that are used in our other projects.

    Java 1 1

  3. peacock Public

    peacock is a visualization library for generating vector graphics from (very) large phylogenies and many types of meta-data

    Scala 1

  4. javaml Public

    Java Machine Learning Library

    Java 31 16

  5. Pedca Public

    PEDCA is a ploidy estimation algorithm that infers copy number of the contigs submitted as input based on the read coverage that are aligned to them. It only requires as an input an alignment file …

    Java 1

  6. Supplementary data for our CENPK113-7D assembly paper


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