Common Lisp 6 0


A common lisp logging library providing context sensitive logging of more than just strings to more than just local files / output streams

Updated Sep 12, 2016


forked from wp-plugins/participants-database Plugin Mirror

Updated Aug 17, 2016

Common Lisp 14 0


A Common lisp library providing collector macros

Updated Jul 14, 2016

Common Lisp 34 7


A common lisp library that implements a css3 selector query language on CXML DOM documents and Nodes

Updated Jun 13, 2016

Common Lisp 13 13


forked from OdonataResearchLLC/lisp-unit

A Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style of JUnit, designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind.

Updated Jun 9, 2016

JavaScript 16 11


A worpdress plugin that allows direct excel-like editing of a database table in your wordpress database.

Updated Jun 7, 2016

Common Lisp 11 7


A Common Lisp wrapper around the MediaWiki api

Updated May 23, 2016


A wordpress plugin to display and write printable song charts online

Updated Apr 14, 2016

HTML 0 2


saltstack formula to configure postfix to send via gmail

Updated Feb 27, 2016


Simple program to extract data from Access databases into CSV files.

Updated Feb 15, 2016

Common Lisp 2 1


A Common Lisp library for converting ip addresses and CIDR blocks from integer to string representations and vice versa

Updated Jan 19, 2016


A collection of functions / shortcodes to make writing custom forms in worpdress easier

Updated Jan 6, 2016

Common Lisp 22 3


A common lisp object / relational mapping library, the goal of which, is to generate common lisp objects from a running database schema

Updated Jan 4, 2016

Common Lisp 12 3


A Common Lisp data structure representing tabular data (think CSVs and database results)

Updated Jan 4, 2016

Common Lisp 17 3


A common lisp library to unify access to common dictionary-like data-structures

Updated Nov 30, 2015

Common Lisp 8 1


experiments in lisp static analysis

Updated Oct 12, 2015


forked from ndossougbe/strapdown

Strapdown + Automatic table of contents

Updated Sep 11, 2015

Common Lisp 9 2


A common lisp library to ease interaction with CXML-dom

Updated May 27, 2015

Common Lisp 43 10


A common lisp library providing easy csv reading and writing

Updated May 26, 2015

JavaScript 0 2,696


forked from enyo/dropzone

Dropzone is an easy to use drag'n'drop library. It supports image previews and shows nice progress bars.

Updated May 12, 2015