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A Python script to process data from
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A Python script to process data from and display the statistics.


The data used is solely from however the data is displayed in a big table and the statistics are not shown at all. This Python script takes the data and looks at the number of people that were killed by the USA police force and shows the percentages nicely. This code was used to make infographics on the race, gender, age, day of the week and cause of death.


The data on is in a table but it is not 100% consistent on the layout and the HTML of the tables is difficult to parse. I had to use Selenium and Firefox to be able to get HTML that was parable for two of the years.

The data on may not contain all deaths. It also does not contain information on the race of 436 people (14.09%) was unknown, this is a significant amount. does not contain all causes of deaths, ages or genders however they were not as significant.

Main infographic

Other Infographics

All the infographics can be found on the project page


The code is licensed under GPL, the images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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