A proxy server that uses artifactory as a data store for npm modules
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A proxy server that uses Artifactory as a data store for npm modules. Useful to seamlessly integrate node into your java/maven-based workflows. Artifactory now supports npm modules.

  • offload network strain on npmjs.org to in-house artifactory
  • publish and consume your proprietary modules without major workarounds
  • snapshot/shrinkwrap your dependency versions so that OSS licenses are bundled in-house


git clone https://github.com/AceMetrix/npm-artifactory
cd npm-artifactory
npm install


Run the server:

node app.js

Set your registry to point to the server (ie):

npm config set registry http://localhost:3000/

Use npm as you would:

npm publish
npm install your-private-module


Configure config.json before running (make sure the credentials to Artifactory are correct). The host and port are necessary for npm-artifactory to rewrite some urls to point to its instance instead of registry.npmjs.org. Make sure this these values are externally accessible (ie, provide your ip address instead of 'localhost').

You may optionally specify a proxy address in the config (ex. 'http://localhost:9999')

If you want to reset the registry back to the default, run: npm config set registry https://registry.npmjs.org


Apache License 2.0