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iOS MVVM Project Template

This is just installation guide, for detailed description check wiki.


Prepare environment

To use project template you will need Ruby Bundler and Carthage.

We recommend always running on latest Carthage version. Carthage could be installed by running

brew update
brew install carthage

Bundler should be a part of your Ruby installation. We recommend ruby version greater than 2.4.x. If you don't have bundler than it can be installed by running

sudo gem install bundler

Download template

If you have your environment ready, download content of this repo as ZIP archive and unpack to folder where you want to have your new project (recommended).

...or you can do standard git clone of course

git clone

In that case don't forget to remove .git directory after clone, otherwise you will have whole template history in your new repository. I guess you don't want that.

rm -rf .git

Project setup

  1. In the project root folder call
bundle install

This will install all needed gems to run the skeleton and maintain their versions appropriately.

  1. rename template
bundle exec fastlane rename name:NewProject

if the name argument is ommitted, the script will prompt for it.

  1. Run installation of cocoapods
bundle exec pod install
  1. Run carthage
carthage bootstrap --platform ios --cache-builds

Now your new project is ready to use 🎉

In the first place check FirebaseAppDelegate.swift and uncomment cofiguration code, it's easy to forget that and pretty hard to find afterwards 😏