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Repository for ActionPad Server 2.0+, written in Golang.
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ActionPad Server

This is the repository for ActionPad Server, the desktop software that lets you control your computer using ActionPad on your iOS device.


To compile ActionPad Server, you will first need to install Golang and GCC. On MacOS, this can be done by installing the Xcode Command Line Tools, and then installing Golang. On Windows, you should install MinGW-64, as the executable is 64-bit. Your computer must be capable of running a Makefile.

Once you have Golang and GCC installed, you can install the go dependencies.

make deps


Then run:



To compile into a Windows .exe file, first run:

make win-manifest

Then, to compile a dev build of the server, run:

make win-exe

To compile a Windows production build (doesn't show command prompt window)

make win-exe-prod

Once this is done, you will now have an ActionPad server executable.

If you find a bug or want to contribute something, feel free to file an issue or make a pull request.

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