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The Sesame2 adapter for ActiveRDF connects ActiveRDF with the Sesame2 RDF store.
== Benefits and disadvantages
Using Sesame2 through this adapter has the following benefits :
* Good performance, because java code is used for all communication
* Support for RDF Schema inferencing
* Support for quads/named graphs (as soon as I get around to implementing them in the adapter)
The disadvantages currently are:
* Requires installation of jruby and manual setting of the Java CLASSPATH
* No OWL inferencing (but on other ActiveRDF adapter currently has this anyway)
* No support for a database backend (Sesame2 uses its own native storage
interanlly, which is recommended anyway)
The adapter uses Sesame 2 Alpha 4, which is distributed as a jar inside this gem.
== License
The adapter is distributed under LGPL, the Sesame2 jar is under the Aduna
license. See LICENSE for more information.
== Installation
For installation instructions visit:
== More info
For more information about ActiveRDF visit:
For more information about Sesame 2, visit:
== Athors
* Benjamin Heitmann <>
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